Metallfolie Gel




Clear Gel specially created for the Mirror Effect which guarantees a 100% adhesion of the transfer foil on the french or on the entire nail. Its results are 95% alike to Minx foil.
Its recommended that you use the Metallic Craquelure Efect for Nail Art Foil
Made in EU!

Step 1: Create the painted french or entire nail design with MIG Color Gel (a color similar to the foil color) in a thin, uniform layer using the no4 Angled Brush size 4. Cure it in the UV Lamp 2 minutes / LED Lamp 30 seconds.

Step 2: Apply Metallic Foil Gel over the previous color in a thin, uniform layer and cure it in the UV Lamp 2 minutes / LED Lamp 30 seconds.

Step 3: Cut a piece of foil and press firmly on the gel and lift it quickly without shaking it. Apply the foil with the matt side down.

Step 4: Seal the nail with Finish Gel I MIG, cure for 1 minute in UV Lamp. Then apply a layer of Finish Gel II MIG and cure in UV Lamp 2 minutes / LED Lamp 30 seconds.

Attention: It is recommended to find the proper curing time for the Metallic Foil Gel specific to your own lamp, depending on the usage of the UV bulbs.
Do not keep the gels directly in the sun light, UV light or high heat.

* These instructions are informative and they are for professionally trained as Certified Gel Nail Technicians. All the information are valid for MIG Nails & Beauty products and it can be different from other brands. We do not take responsibilities for using the products in any other way that the one described above.

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